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Dear Runner

With the curtain being drawn on the 2014  Event it is a good time to look back in order to plan for the future.

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us in order to keep on improving.    Certain things can not be changed and in those cases better communication might be needed to keep  you better informed.     Let’s hear what you have to say:




  • Can you get a permanent number I ran my first one in 2000 I came every year the one year a spider bit me the night before the run so I couldn’t run and the other year the event was stopped because of the rain. Can I still get a permanent number or don’t you have such number. Anel Eygelaar

    • Hi Anel
      Well done on that! That is a good stat. I presume you are talking about the 21km as the system of permanent numbers is in place for the 42km already.
      Sadly the early stats for the 21km ( before 2000) is not available and there were very bad discipline on the 21km till recently as whoever got hold of a number ran with it so results and finishes does not always belong to the one originally entered. Due to these problems we are shying away from doing permanent numbers for the Half Marathon at present. – Not to say we will not take the plunge at some stage in the future….

  • I have run the half on and off over the last 19 years, and would love to see my results from year one – is there any way one can access these, say by way of reference to my ID number or date of birth? Wonderful run again this year, great organisation!

    • Hi Craig
      For the 21km we only have digital format results from 2000. They can be downloaded from the provincial website at http://www.aswd.co.za
      We hope the have a searchable DB for all available results on our site in the near future.

    • Hi Vanessa
      You can simply enter 50-59 in the search box. It will draw M & F together but might give you what you are looking for? ( you could set the Display results box to a higher number than 25 if you want it all on one screen.

  • Hi – The festival belongs to Knysna and it’s people , sadly to say , a dark cloud hanging in the air.
    What about the people outside knysna , who stays on farms without Internet , who also want to be part of the festival . To enter Online , for them it is very difficult . How do you help them . Help them by bringing back the entryform .Why stop the entryform , why ????
    Think again ???????????????????????????????????

    • Hi Johannes
      Thank you for the question. Regrettably demand forced us to do away with the manual entry form. We did try various ways to keep it going but it resulted in a mountain of admin. Thing is that as soon as entries are sold out people get hold of our bank account and the entry form that is in public space and start faxing info and doing direct payments to our account. That meant mountains of admin and cost to get those payments paid back and canceling the entries received in this way. Online is the only way to give all a fair chance and close entries when they are sold out.

      On the flip side we do not “forget” about those without facilities. Every single one that did contact us while entries were still OPEN did get helped. We assisted by empowering many to take them through the online process as the entry form can be filled in from a cell phone and we do take EFT payments once the code has been generated. For the few whom this did not work, we did it online for them over the phone. I must say there were a big increase in demand for “offline” entry forms only once online entries were closed.

  • Why do you not allow people to collect numbers on behalf of runners when they have a letter from the runner and a copy of their ID? I know of one couple – both intending to run – who decided not to drive up from Cape Town and cancelled their accommodation because you wouldn’t accept that someone collect on their behalf when they knew they would not be able to leave Cape Town in time to arrive before 10:00pm. Comrades and Two Oceans are both more accommodating than you in this regard.
    Also – why do we not see club details in the results, or will they be there when you provide full results?

    • We were the most relaxed in terms of pick up till a few years back when the secondary and black market trade in our entries got out of hand. Whoever managed to pick up an entry simply ran with it even when we did Subs on the night. Our results ended up meaningless and on the safety front we had people taken up in hospital during the event leaving us with now idea who they were as they simply picked up an entry and ran with it.

      It also meant our optimal event loading ( the difference between entries sold and the anticipated dropout giving the number the race can comfortably handle) was a lottery to the extend that we would have been forced to make less entries available to get back to optimal loading to the determent of the runners entering to run as opposed to those buying an entry simply to resell.

      Our focus is on giving the runner that entered early and arrives in Knysna to run the race the best possible experience. That include keeping the registration queues as short as possible and providing an Electronic timing tag free of charge.

      Third party Pickup in whatever form results in scrutinizing extra paper work slowing the whole process down and making those that present in person wait. We are aware that the rule might bite a small number of people but it was highlighted from the time of entry and no exceptions were made.

  • Reflecting back on this time last week when I had just finished my first marathon (in sub 3 hours!). The Knysna Marathon was a superbly organized event and a wonderful experience for my debut. Thank you for all the hard work and for a first class event. I hope to be back next year.

  • A big thanks to all involved in organising such a well ‘run’ event.
    It was also a first for me and will definitely be back next year!

  • It was my first forest run and I did it with my daughter (her 2nd) and I cannot describe how wonderful it was for me!! The organizing was amazing and everybody I spoke to enjoyed every single moment – even the cold!! Thank you so much!!!! We will be back next year!!

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