Knysna Forest Virtual Race 2021


In partnership with Top Events we are happy to announce that Sportsman’s Warehouse has offered for runners to collect their items at various stores across South Africa.

You will need to select the store closest to you. This can be done on your existing entry by logging into your profile through

Login and click “My Orders” at the top right of the website and then click the relevant area for collection.


Collection of medals can be done at the following venues:

Knysna Collections

Knysna Deli – Collection is available from 10 July to 11 July

The Farm in Simola – Collection is available from 10 July to 11 July  

Nationwide Collections  

Sportsmans Warehouse Rondebosch – Collections from 06- 08 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Tygervalley – Collections from 06- 08 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Somerset West – Collections from 06- 08 August

Sportsmans Warehouse The Glen Shopping Centre (JHB) – Collections from 03 – 09 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Fourways (JHB) – Collections from 03 – 09 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Centurion (PTA) – Collections from 03 – 09 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Gateway (DBN) – Collections from 07- 08 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Beacon Bay Retail Park (East London) – Collections from 07- 08 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Bloem Value Mart (Bloemfontein) – Collections from 07- 08 August

Sportsmans Warehouse Moffet Retail Park (PE) – Collections 06 – 08 August 2021


The Knysna Forest Marathon is pleased to host the Knysna Forest Virtual Race 2021


Entry Fee: R 190.00

Shirt Cost: R 240.00

Entries open 15 February and close 31 May 2021 (or when limit is reached)

Entries are through only.

No phone, fax or telephone entries will be accepted.

To enter, you will be required to create a profile on

The entry fee includes a Knysna Forest medal and buff.

We will mark out two additional 10km and 21km routes in the Knysna area, together with the original Forest Marathon routes where you can come run your Virtual race.

Information will be sent out to each runner before 15 June 2021.

NO refunds available

Distances available: 10km, 21.1km, 42.2km,


The distance selected can be run between 7-18th July 2021.

Each runner/group/family/friend can post a picture to our Facebook page.

Please adhere to social distancing regulations and stay safe.

Runners times must be uploaded to their profiles created.

Please go to and click “My Orders” at the top right.

Click the “Submit Time” button next to your order to submit your time along with your name.

The entries for the Knysna Forest Marathon are CLOSED.

We have been considering all the options available to us. Due to the covid rules and regulations, the possibility that the 2021 Forest Marathon will not take place in the normal format is being considered. The main focus is to keep everyone safe.

  1. In the case of timeous changes to the regulations regarding sporting events, that allows an actual race with up to 3000 runners the following will apply:- The migrated entries from 2020 (2900 total) and the early bird entries (100) will run the actual race. Medals and ordered t-shirts will be handed out at the event.
  2. If we are not allowed to host the actual event all the migrated and early bird entries will be entered into the “2021 Virtual Forest”. The “2021 Virtual Forest” event will then go ahead and another 1000 entries will be made available. The distances offered for the “2021 Virtual Forest” will be 42, 21, 10km. All medals and ordered Forest t-shirts as well as a free “buff” will be couriered to the runners.

Everyone that has entries to 2021 forest marathon will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please contact the Forest secretary in case that you have entered and do not receive a confirmation e-mail., SMS or WhatsApp to 076 195 4832.


Compulsory registration on 9 July 2021 from 10:00 up to 22:00. There will be no manual or race day entries as this is a pre-entry event only. Please ensure correct entry of your Email address as this is used for all communications.

Temporary License:- Runners not licensed by ASA for the current year will need to purchase a temporary ASA license, available with the online entry at a cost of R35.00

T-shirt:- A unique Unisex Moisture management, Long sleeve event T-shirt is available as an optional extra at a cost of R210. T-Shirts have to be collected in person and will not be handed to third parties. T-shirts not collected on Registration day will be sold on race day towards Charity. No T Shirts will be kept or distributed after the event

Payment options:- A number of payment options are available from the online entry portal including Card and EFT. Please follow payment instructions closely and if paying by way of EFT the exact amount and the provided reference must be used. Branch deposits will be available but may attract a cash handling fee.

Confirmation e-mail:- You will get a confirmation email as soon as you have made a successful paid entry to confirm the entry. You will be allocated a race number for this event that will be E-mailed to you. This race number confirmation must be printed and produced at registration along with proof of ID.

Substitutions:- Due to scammers selling Fraudulent “Substitution Codes” and a growing trend of non-runners buying high demand event entries to simply re-sell for profit to unsuspecting runners, Knysna Marathon Club have made the call to do away with substitutions in total.

Entries are sold on a use it or lose it basis. You cannot pass your entry to someone else. This is considered race fraud.

No up or down grades between the 21km and 42km can be done.

Registration:- The registration and finish venue will remain at the central town venue.

Registration and number collection will be open from l0h00 to 22h00 on Friday 09 July 2021. There will be no registration or number collection on Saturday morning. No exceptions. If you cannot collect in person at the times specified with proof of ID on Friday please do not enter for this event. No third party collections are allowed.

The race number confirmation together with positive Photo identification such as an ID book or a driver license must be produced at registration.


T-shirts:- Not collected in person at Registration will be sold on behalf of our Charities on the Saturday. No T-shirts will be posted or kept for entrants not collected at Registration.

At registration you will receive your race number, t-shirt (if ordered), goodie bag and final instructions as well as a disposable FREE electronic timing tag.

Tear-off section:- The race number contains a tear-off section with the words “T-shirt”(if ordered) which must be torn off and exchanged for a t-shirt. No tag, no t-shirt. It also contains a tear-off section with the words “taxi” which must be torn off and handed to the loading staff on Saturday morning in order to be transported to the race start. Do not tear off until needed as it cannot be replaced and you will not be able to get to the start venue.

Tog bags:- The top tear off on your race number can be securely attached to your tog bag for handing in at the Biddulphs Transport trucks at the Race start (see Route). Your tog bag will be transported back to the finish venue. Please do not leave any valuable items in your tog bag. Race organizers do not accept any responsibility for any loss. Bags will be available for collection from l0h00 in the main Registration area.

Route:- The taxi pick-up point to the start is from Vigilance Drive as per the map on the website.

Parking is available at Loerie-park and along George Rex Drive.

Entry into the Taxi Loading area is only available from the George Rex Drive Direction.

Taxis leave from Vigilance Drive from 04h30 onwards. Please comply with the final instructions in your race pack.

All the home comforts have been laid out at the start in the Forest – there will be free tea, coffee and biscuits for all athletes served in the Bedouin tent.

Start:-The 42.2km starts at 07h00 and the 21.1 km starts at 08h00.

The timing starts at the firing of the starter pistol and not when you cross the start line. (Gun to Mat)

The two event race numbers that you will receive must be worn on your chest and back and must both be visible at all times. The provided Disposable timing chip must be securely attached to your shoe.

AFTER THE RACE / FINISH Prize giving will commence at the finish area at 12H45.

To celebrate the 37th running of the event a unique indigenous timber shield will be available to the first 200 finishers in the 42.2km; silver medals for the first 800 finishers and bronze medals for the rest.

All 21km finishers will receive a bronze medal.

Permanent numbers will be awarded to the runners completing their 10th 42.2km.

Runners finishing their 25th 42.2km will receive a special stinkwood shield

One Lucky runner will win a R10 000 Lucky Draw at prize giving.

You disposable timing tag that you wore during the event will be collected at prize giving to be part of the draw. The lucky draw prize will not be paid out before verification of participation in the event.

You must be present to be eligible for the lucky draw prizes. The organizers decision is final in awarding the lucky draw prizes.

Prize and Lucky draw Money will be paid to your bank account by way of EFT once the race results have been verified.

Athletes are responsible to collect their own prize money or make a written arrangement before Prize giving commences, with the Event Organizer failing which prize money is forfeited. (ASA Rule 2.10)

Full prize money details on the event main website page.

A free Taxi Shuttle service will be provided to get the runners from the Finish back to the Taxi Pick up point near Loerie Park.

Showers will be available at The Knysna Marathon Clubhouse. (at Loerie-park entrance near the taxi loading point)

Toilets will be available at the Taxi pick-up point, at the race start and at the Finish venue.


Held under the rules of ASA and ASWD. All competitors must comply with the rules, regulations and instructions given by officials, marshals and traffic officials. Non-compliance may lead to disqualification. The Race Referee’s decision is final. The Race Organizer reserve the right to accept / reject any entry received.

All Covid-19 protocols must observed. The safety officer appointed, will have RULES and REGULATIONS set out and they must be strictly adhered to.

Club Colours:- 2021 ASA Registered Athletes must participate in their correct club colours. ASA registered runners as well as Temporary runners will be provided with two personalized event number bibs that must be worn on the front and back of the vest and be visible at all times during the event. No advertising allowed. If you are a registered runner and want to run in a costume you will need to purchase a Temporary License.

Temporary License:- Athletes not belonging to a registered ASA running club, licensed for the current year will need to purchase a Temporary License in order to take part in the event. Temporary Licensed athletes will not be covered by the ASA National runner insurance.

Cut-off time: 21.1km = 3 ½ hrs

Cut-off time: 42.2 km= 5 ½ hrs (To use as a qualifier you will need to observe the target event requirements)

Runners still out on the route after the cut-off times might be picked up and returned to the finish venue due to the opening of traffic lanes and withdrawing of event support.

Distance markers:- Will be placed at every kilometre. Markers count down towards the finish line.

Foreigners:- All foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 142.2 and 4.2. Foreign athletes must be able to produce a letter from their respective federation permitting them to participate on race day when requested to do so by the race officials.

Proof of Age:- Athletes must give proof of their age at the request of the Race Referee. (Original ID / Birth Certificate / Permanent Residence Permit)

Minimum Age:- 21.1 km = 16 years, Minimum Age:- 42.2 km= 20 years.

Refreshment Tables:- Water tables will be available at approximately 3 km Intervals

Road:- Athletes must stay on the right hand side of the road at all times, unless instructed differently by the marshals and Traffic Officers.

Private vehicles:- No Private vehicles will be allowed on the race route or near the Start area in the Glebe. No Private drop-off of runners at the start. The provided Taxi service is the only way to get to the Race Start.

Emergency vehicles:- For safety reasons and to prevent delays in deploying emergency vehicles the use of personal music players or other devices with headphones is not allowed. Any person using such device shall not be eligible for prizes and will be disqualified without a warning and could be removed from the route.

Safety Rule:- No Earphones or personal music players (ASA Rule 34.10.6), Animals (ASA Rule 34.10.1), Racers (ASA Rule 34.10.3), or Wheelchairs (ASA Rule 34.10.4) allowed.

Course use:- On all dirt road sections as well as tarred sections not demarcated, the runners must keep to the right hand side of the road to allow passage of emergency vehicles and landowners.

Seconding:- No seconding will be allowed on the routes due to access restrictions.

Medical:- Medical support will be available at the Finish venue as well as at certain points on the routes. Medical staff may remove a runner from the course should they have reason to suspect that continuing might pose increased health risks to the runner.

Age Tags:- Participants will be eligible for prizes in the OPEN category and the age category for which they have entered. Age Category details will be contained on the Event Race number bibs and additional Age Tags do not need to be worn. Participants may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to the Open Category.

Objections and Appeals:- Any objections or appeals must be logged with the Head Referee within 30 minutes after Prize Giving. The Head Referee will be available at the podium to receive any objection or appeal in the prescribed manner till 30 minutes after the conclusion of Prize giving. No objection or appeal will be entertained after this time as per ASA rule 27.1 The head referee may require payment of R500 fee to loge the appeal. This payment could be forfeited if the Appeal is not successful.

Disclaimer:- The organizing body reserves the right to alter these rules and regulations to comply with updated National rules and regulations as published by ASA and Provinces from time to time.

NO REFUNDS – If the race cannot be run, and enough time is available to organize a virtual run, then it will be arranged.


Refreshments, food and other activities will be available on Friday 09 July, as well as on race day

Ablution will be available at the Taxi pick-up point, the starting point in the forest and at the finish venue.

Results:- Results will not be posted to competitors after the race. An SMS will be sent to competitors after the race with the finishing time. Full results will be available on a few days after the race.

Jetline Action Photo is the official race photographer and the images can be ordered from them after the event. A link to their website will be added to the race results

Knysna Marathon Club reserves the right to alter or add to these rules and conditions at any time.

Charities for 2021:-




CHARITIES OF 2020 (Famsa, Dorothy Broster Children’s Home, Options and Knysna Educational Trust) will divide the fourth share.

Knysna Marathon Club takes great care each year in selecting our event Charities as we operate in a small community and do know of the great needs that exist. Your compassion in including that something extra each year with your entry fee is sincerely welcomed by our selected Charities. The donations you make as well as the proceeds from the sale of the Charity tickets get split between these Charities for 2021.

Clothing collection:- This drive is destined to become the biggest of its kind in the country and your gifts of clothing collected at Registration as well as along the Race Routes make sure our underprivileged communities stay warm during the coldest part of winter. Please do not hand clothing directly to the local community. It only draws massive amounts of non-runners to the area resulting in Security risks and the clothes do not end up where it is needed most. We do have a properly organized distribution program managed by Knysna Marathon Club that collect and properly distribute the clothing where the need is highest.

Indemnity:- By entering this event I undertake to be bound by the rules and regulations of the event including those of IAAF and ASA. I warrant that I am in good health and aware of the risks and dangers and physical nature of this sporting event, and do not claim ignorance of these risks and dangers. I hereby accept that I participate in the event entirely at my own risk and I release and discharge, to the fullest extent allowed in law, the organizers of the event, all sponsors, persons and organizations assisting in the staging of the event, provincial and national athletics bodies and all local authorities from any responsibility, liability or costs relating to any injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, however caused, arising directly or indirectly from my participation in the event including pre- and post-race activities. I further agree and warrant that if at any time I believe conditions to be unsafe, I will immediately discontinue further participation in the activity;

Minor Release:- and I the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of athletic activities and the minor’s experience and capabilities and believe the minor to be qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such activity and I enter into this Indemnity/waiver on behalf of the minor.

I have read and understand the Race info and rules as posted on the event website and will abide by them.

The Knysna Forest Race Team

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