Knysna Heads Marathon

Presented by


Race Date –  Sunday   26 March 2017

 Comrades Qualifier and perfect last easy long run before Oceans.

With support from Remax we will soon launch the 2017 event.  You can look forward to first in the ASWD  SUBSIDIZED entry fee to BELOW the prescribed fees!   Come see how the 2016 great event will be spiced up even more  for 2107

Start time 6:00

2016 Results available here ( CLick)

Heads Marathon manual Entry Form

Late entries and Registration on Thesen Island from 5:00

Distances available:

  • 10 Km   for Club Members    –  R45      Cutoff time- 1h30
  • 21.1 Km For Club Members  – R55        Cutoff time – 3h00
  • 42.2 Km  for Club Members – R70       Qualifier – 5H00    Medal 5h30

Temporary License number required if not a club member @ R35 available with your entry

There will be a designated area for club gazebos where all clubs can put up a club gazebo to relax afterwards and watch their fellow members finish the race.

The Routes have been carefully  chosen to allow you to enjoy your qualifier and set you up  for a good time as the highest point is only 30 m above sea level.  Fast and scenic does not always go  together but here it does.  Take a tour of Knysna that hugs the water for all but 2.4 km of the entire route.

Knysna Heads Marathon 10 Km route map

Knysna Heads Marathon 10 km

Knysna Heads  Marathon 21.1 Km Route Map

Knysna Heads Marathon 21.1 Km

Knysna Heads Marathon 42.2 Route Map

Knysna Heads Marathon 42.2 Km

For Further info on this exiting new event please contact:

Margi o Connor on : 072 330 2593



  • Hi Bruce, As the focus is on an easy qualifier the trail section getting to the bridge might cost time and it would move the N2 crossing away from the straight section with good visibility in all directions. Would also complicate the 21 km route as they share the loop with the 42 km.

  • Hi
    That’s fantastic news .
    May I comment on leaving out the Rexford loop and go further on the the phantom rd and back over the red bridge to the n2
    I look forward this event and helping in any way but can’t help on race day as I wish to run.
    Regards Bruce OLDEN

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