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Newsletter from the chair: 9 May 2020

Dear KMC Family

As of today, we have endured the 21 days, extended for a further two weeks of total lockdown, and last Friday we celebrated being able to go outside our gates to explore the town within a radius of 5km from home. It has been so good seeing and greeting people on the streets.

Thanks, Zapiro for the wonderful image of what our daily outings are looking like. (source: Daily Maverick 1 May 2020)

From what I have been able to see, we in Knysna are having quite an easy time getting out and exercising without harassment. To ensure that this is not jeopardised, I appeal to all our members to set the example: Wear the pesky mask (or buff) and stick to the difficult timeframe we are allowed. Encourage others out on the roads to do the same. We are all in this together!

The 75th anniversary of VE day was celebrated yesterday (8 May) and celebrations continue today because the ceasefire in the East only went into effect on the 9th.

You are probably asking what on earth this has to do with us, now, in South Africa?

I guess my answer is that watching footage of the celebrations 75 years ago set me to thinking: People interviewed let it be known that it was their responsibility to make the world a better place so that those whose lives were lost did not die in vain. That they needed to celebrate life and show resilience and ordinary citizens did just that.

Now in 2020, each of us finds ourselves in a personal space where we are needing to dig deep and find resilience. We need to do our bit to ensure that the world we find ourselves in when this crisis has passed is one that we can navigate and understand.

We need to keep our eyes and ears open to pick up on the distress cries of others in our KMC community so that we can reach out and help. When this is over, we want to be able to have a celebration. We do not want to find ourselves feeling ashamed that we did not reach out to others when we were needed.

Wayne and his team are dealing with the process of cancelling the Forest Marathon. If you had entered, you will have received notification and completed your bit so that the process can be put to bed. Of course, the implications of this are quite scary for the club and will be dealt with as necessary.

The cancellation of events continues. ASWD has been very quiet, but I suppose they are dealing with the fallout of Covid-19 like the rest of us at the moment. It is almost impossible to lay set plans in a time when “nothing is certain”.

News received is that the entire Outeniqua marathon offering has been cancelled, and not postponed as initially communicated. The Cape Town Sanlam Marathon has made the decision to ‘go virtual’.

Being able to head out and run past the club house has been bitter-sweet. As wonderful as it is to be out, it is sad to see the clubhouse looking lonely and sad. It is missing the life and laughter of our weekly time trial gatherings. I fear that these will not be possible for some time still, and before we are allowed to open the club, we will have to embark on the same rigorous cleansing protocols that all public spaces are undergoing.

The food aid extended to some club members during the lock-down period was gratefully received. As we have moved into level 4, and some businesses are operating again, we will need to examine our protocols here. While we helped anyone who asked for help, I do believe we need to assess who our most vulnerable members are and extend our help to them. The committee will provide information about this soon.

Finally, May is certainly a busy birthday month. We wish all those who have or do celebrate their birthdays this month.

May is also the month when our esteemed honorary member, Kenny Wilkinson, celebrates his 80th birthday. Congratulations Kenny. On behalf of all our members, I wish you all the best.

Yours in running


Sinethemba Jakobs02-May
Ivan Palmer02-May
Cameron Bond03-May
Bridgette Fredericks03-May
Jeffrey Willcocks04-May
Moses Gericke05-May
Adrian Hegerty05-May
Alfred Nise05-May
Bruce Olden05-May
Herman Botha07-May
Ronald Freebury12-May
Kenny Wilkinson15-May
Justin Plaatjies20-May
Heinrich Filander21-May