Knysna Marathon Club News

Time Trials: We are into the summer rotation and will run time trails in the old format from this Thursday: Start at the club at 17:30 for runners. Walkers begin 15 minutes earlier. Alfred will do the timekeeping.

Members of KMC, please support the SWD sanctioned events in the region. NB: All are pre-entry events only with a limited field.

Postponed to May (conditional to the State of disaster)
Calling club members who would like to get involved and work to make a difference for running in our town and region.
We need someone who can take on the portfolio of youth development: Juniors and sub-juniors. (Mariet Horn, who has done a sterling job here for a number of years finds herself needing to step down)
Other committee positions will also be available.

Virtual Runs

Your Masked Commitee