The Knysna Trail Run


This event is shelved till further notice. 

The area was affected by the recent fires with many of the steps and timber bridges destroyed.

Part of the ASWD Trail Runner ranking 

Permanent numbers for the 24 km after 5 Runs !



2016 Photos – Follow this link to the 2016 Photos 2015 Photos  – Follow this link to the 2015 Photos

Click here for a nice 2 min video submitted by Eldon Beinhart

 Photo’s taken on 2 January 2014  ( Large page – takes a while to open)

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Results –

2016 The Knysna Traill Run Results

2015 Knysna Trail Run Results

The Knysna Trail Run Results 2014 Published

 The Knysna Trail Run- 2 Jan 2013

Follow this link to the January 2013 Race photos.  

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Route to the start:

N2 turn off trail run

Please read all info:  

Watch a shaky low res Cell phone clip of our  24 km Trail route check. 🙂

Participants Perspective on Youtube – Thanks Kevin

The video will give you some idea of what to expect.  Includes some 16km forest sections as well


The two routes have been carefully chosen to challenge intermediate and experienced trail runners over a variety of terrain as well as offer an easy route for the first timers and not so fit or technical runners to enjoy the best Knysna has to offer.   The area is closed to day visitors and offers the participants a chance to enter areas that would not be otherwise possible.

Race date – 02 January 2017

Compulsory Race and Safety Briefing 6 :45

Race start 7:00

ASA runner insurance will apply.

Race fees:  16 km  –  R175 and if a ASA Affiliated Club member R140.00

24 km – R345 and if a ASA Affiliated Club Member R310.00

We rely heavily on NSRI Station 12 for our safety plan.   Please show your appreciation by being generous with you donation on the entry-form  

16 km Trail Run

This route is suitable for the average road runner or Walker wishing to gain trail experience.   It contains one optional technical section that can be skipped if the runner so wishes.   The easy detour will take some four minutes longer to complete than the technical section.   Water points are well placed and not more than 6 km apart.

The routes will be clearly marked and main junctions will be marshaled.    Most of the route is run under full tree canopy.

24 km Hardcore trail run

This trail is for confident trail runners.  Extreme caution need to be exercised on the technical sections of this trail.  Mistakes will at a minimum be painful and can also be fatal.    Rescue operations on the coastal section will be risky for the injured and for the rescuers.    Move at a speed that falls within your capabilities and we will all have a great day in Mother nature.

The compulsory safety kit that you wil receive in your race pack need to be carried at all times.   The water provided on the coastal section will be from the local fresh water springs.

This trail is a celebration of all that Knysna have to offer.   Unspoiled beauty in unspoiled surroundings.   The most dramatic coastal vistas and unrivaled forest fauna and flora.     Words can not completly describe this trail.   You can try to put this trail into words once you have earned your medal.    I would like to hear your description…

Welcome in my back yard!

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Race Rules and info:

  • No need to wear Club Clothing
  • Only the event race number will be worn on the front of the vest that contain tear off strips
  • Immediate disqualification if a runner tampers with route markings
  • Immediate disqualification if a runner is caught littering
  • Immediate disqualification if a runner damages the trail or any vegetation
  • Earphones can be worn but would you really want to?
  • Minimum age for entering is 16 for the 16 km and 18 for the 24 km
  • Parking at the venue is limited so try to carpool to the venue
  • Medical, Rescue,  Marshall’s, and organizers decisions is final.
  • No substitutions will be allowed.
  • Closing date for entries is  soon as entry cap have been reached for each race.
  • A photostat copy of your Id must be handed in when you collect your race pack.   (Sport Center can not do the copy for you)
  • Start chutes close at 6:45 sharp on Race day for compulsory race briefing.    Arrivals after this time will not be allowed to start.
  • Along the coastal section on the 24 km, emergency evacuation will be by way of a floating raft to the NSRI rescue craft.   If you have undue fear of water or boats, rather enter the 16 km event.
  • The runner arriving before you at a technical section determines the pace.   Do not hassle or crowd a runner while an obstacle is being negotiated.
  • The trail is designed with ample overtaking opportunities before and after obstacles.    Do not “race” the technical sections.
  • Remain in the order of arriving at obstacles as some queuing will be needed at certain obstacles.
  • Water points will have water and Juice .    All refreshments must be enjoyed at the table and no cups must be removed from the points or be carried onto the route.   Water will be available to fill backpacks.
  • No on the day entries.
  • No Smoking or carrying of lighters anywhere from the time you turn off the N2 till you return to the N2
  • Spectators will be restricted to the Start/ Finish area.
  • Your race pack will contain the final race rules and race instructions.
  • Start and finish venue is 10 km outside Knysna towards Plett Just off the N2.  Parking marshals will assist with parking.   Due to the high fire risk you are not permitted to park offroad.
  • No entry onto the venue or trails before or after the event.
  • Cutoff time for the 16 km is 3h00 ( 10:00)
  • Cutoff time for the 24 km is 5h30 (12:30)
  • Prize giving is at 12:00 .  You must be present to be in contention for Lucky draw prizes.
  • First 3 spots on both races will earn prize money for men and women.
  • Gold medals to all finishers on the 24 km Trail within the cut off time
  • Bronze medals to all finishers on the 16 km Trail within the cut off time

For further details – Contact Leon Brown on 082 422 1033 or email to


  • this race sounds interesting hey, its such that I am late for it

  • What a great run, I really enjoyed the 24km route which was quite challenging. Only problems were the lack of route markings (which meant that I also got lost for a while – part of the fun) and the cyclist who removed the barrier tape. Beautiful scenery that will be difficult to beat anywhere in the world. Thanks to KMC for a great event, I hope to be back!

  • An exceptional experience, and a race I will definitely be back for next year! As I had spent most of the 2 weeks preceding the much-awaited race in bed, I was forced to take it very easy (I had no strength, anyway), and for once experienced what it is like to be a back marker. It is quite lonely back there in a relatively small field; particularly so when it is not always all that obvious that you are on the right track. The odd bit of bunting did help (although I also repaired one after the climb up from the “beach” that a cyclist had thoughtlessly taken down) and I do believe that there is a case to be made for more marshalls to be present at the sometimes confusing intersections, twists & turns.
    KMC still gets 9 out of 10 for a wonderful trail run. It was the toughest thing that I have ever participated in.
    Michael B

  • After recovering from pneumonia and all th Christmas Festivities on top of that, I thought I was stark crazy to enter; yet, we took it slowly and voilla! Albeit my slowest run EVER, I completed it without any injuries and VERY proud. The views, atmosphere, scenes were truly unique and breath-taking… Even getting lost for a while (near the waterfall) was no big deal and part of the adventure. Well done to all the organisers and thank you for creating a most memorable start of my New Year! I’ll be back…

  • wow, sounds great, unfortunately I have to attend to my cellar and wine tasting in Franschhoek, You are so spoiled with some of the most beautiful trail running routes. Enjoy.

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